Clickbait Title Advantages In SEO (Usages and example)

If you are thinking of using clickbait to boost your blog or site’s search engine rankings, think twice. Yes, you can increase traffic. But will this be a long-term phenomenon? Most probably not. Many SEO principles today focus on EAT – expertise, authorities, and trustworthiness. Even if the content in an article is relevant, a clickbait-like headline immediately undermines the article’s credibility.

Visitors who clicked on a page due to a clickbait headline will not stay on the site and navigate to other pages like visitors who want to learn more about the business. This means that the bounce rate will be high. When search engines find that a page is not in the user’s interests, the site is unlikely to rank high. 

Why are marketers using clickbait? 

Short? Because of the clicks. Many blogs and sites look at metrics like page views and unique visitors to sell more ads. As long as users are led to clickbait, marketers will continue to use it.

When will clickbait die out, you may ask? We doubt this will ever happen. The philosophy behind clickbait has been around for so long that the likelihood of clickbait disappearing is very low. 

But you can use clickbait wisely. Create awesome content worthy of sensational headlines. 

When used correctly, clickbait can produce results. Below we will consider the cases where the use of clickbait is justified. 

What clickbait gives 

In some cases, clickbait can be a useful tool. A clickbait titles give you more traffic, page views, social meada engagement and brand awarness as well. Check the details belows;

More page views 

If used carefully and wisely, Clickbait can be an effective way to drive traffic to your site. 

Higher engagement on social media 

Clickbait evokes an emotional response. Research has shown that six main emotions can prompt an audience to share an article on social media: 

  • excitement, 
  • shock, 
  • joy, 
  • disgust, 
  • sadness, 
  • anger, 
  • fear. 

People rarely share articles that have not elicited any emotion in them. Strong emotional reactions and the belief that someone else will have the same feelings leads to readers being more likely to share the article. 

Increasing brand awareness 

The logical result: the more page views and social media shares you get, the higher your brand awareness will be. But you have to be careful here. The clickbait headline should not lead to negative, it is necessary to strive to match the content of the content. 

You can use many tactics to build brand awareness, so consider whether it’s worth the risk. 

Examples of effective clickbait headlines 

If you decide to use clickbait headlines, make sure the content does not deceive readers’ expectations. 

  • 5 blogging tips to improve your content right now 
  • What will happen blogging in the future? 
  • 10 jobs to help you build a career and feel good 
  • 10 most shocking documentaries worth watching before voting 
  • 12 things every student should know before going to university 

These are examples of articles whose headlines are meant to catch on. Such materials may be in high search positions, as they contain useful information that people need. 

Examples of clickbait headlines to avoid 

There are some bad examples of clickbait headlines. 

  • Once you see this, you will never want an animal in your home again. 
  • Believe it or not: this man called the police and ended up in jail himself 
  • We can’t believe what this restaurant has done – you will never eat there again! 
  • After this lesson at school, her family will never be the same. 
  • Promo codes that the supermarket hides from you 

These headlines are designed to make you wonder what is so terrible about the article or relive a disgusting experience someone else has. 


There are many reasons to avoid clickbait, but there are also reasons to use it. However, be careful not to forget. If you’re creating a clickbait headline, offer valuable content, so your readers won’t be disappointed that they clicked on the link.

Yaqub Nipu

Hello, I am Yaqub Nipu a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert from Bangladesh living in Dhaka. I have completed my post graduation (Major in Accounting) but I love to do the rank website in Google page#1 and now it’s my passion.

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