How to Use a Bow Sight

Do you know how a bow sight works and how to use a bow sight? Well, it’s an important part of archery to use sight to aim the target. Archery is famous for one and the other huntsman and also for the people who want to exercise their talents at a target variety.

With every kind of weapon, hitting the aim accompanying a bow isn’t smooth. You can’t aim correctly without a bow sight. The types of sighting in archery maximize the possibilities of striking the aim. Due to gravity your arrows may drop down and that’s why you need to use a bow sight. You will face many problems on the time of aiming if you don’t have any sight in your bow. In this context, you will find the ways by step about how you can use a bow sight. So, let’s start. 

Why You Need a Bow Sight?

A bow sight is used for better aiming. Most hunters decide to aim at the target with their bow and they don’t prefer a gun to do so. The pin sight helps a shooter to shoot on target quite easily. As you know every product has its advantages and disadvantages and the bow sights have also their own. Though most of the shooters are comfortable with movable sight setup they also go for fixed sight.

There are many other reasons why you need to use a sight on your bow. If you want to increase the alignment with your bow then you need to use a sight on your bow. Again the aimed accuracy completely depends on the shooter where a shooter can increase his aim shooting capability by using the sight.

On the other hand, if you are shooting from a distance that is not more than 10 yards then you should not go for a sight. So, you can say that for a long distance you will need sight to help you with your aim accuracy. By using a sight you can hit the target from long distance with ease. As shooting from a short distance is way bit more impractical and that’s why you need to shoot from long distance. Long-distance shooting practice will make you a more practical shooter in archery life. So, you should go for long-distance shooting practice with your bow sight.       

Sometimes, most of the shooter thinks that they can shoot on target by not using a sight but it’s not possible in a narrow filed. You need to be more professional to shot without a sight. So, as a beginner, you need to use sight for shooting the arrows on the target.

The setup procedure of a bow sight is very easy and you can do it by yourself. So, why don’t you use a bow sight for better practice? 

METHOD 1: You Need to Prepare the Bow First

STEP 1: Spread out with your bow

You will need to go out with your bow regularly to stay away from being bored. You need to start from the beginning of getting better output. You need to know about shifting the arrows and how you can use your arrow with a sight. Spreading out with your bow for a few days and it will increase your target hitting accuracy. You need to practice more and more for the best result. 

STEP 2: Buying Sight

Before starting shooting you need to buy a bow sight from your nearest archery shop. The best bow comes with features of having a sight on it. All you need to do is that you should go for the best bow which comes with the best setup procedure.

An ordinary bow sight is cheap where a competition bow sight can cost you five times more than the ordinary one. So, before buying you need to know which one you are going to use.  

There are different kinds of sights available, and you need to choose one which is perfect for your bow. Here, you need to know the uses also. 

STEP 3: Mount the sight to your bow

You will find an instruction manual with your sight. You need to follow the instruction very carefully to attach the sight with your bow. 

The sighting pins are the interesting parts to attach to the bow. You can mount the sight by yourself as most of the bow comes with the facility from the beginning.

STEP 4: Pin Setup

As you know the pin setup is the most interesting part insight setup. You can easily set them up by following the instruction manual. The pins matter a lot in bow attaching so you should be careful while attaching the pins. 

STEP 5: Setup the Range

Now you need to set up the target and mark your desired ranges. Use a range finder if it’s possible for the best accuracy. You will find the range finder in the archery shop.

Try to use a durable target bag or goal that may take lots of arrows.

Method 2: 3 Pin Bow Sight Distances and Sighting

STEP 1: Set your 20 yards- 1st pin  

Move to the nearest distance to the goal, that’s commonly the ten backyard mark. Stand perfectly so that your body is perpendicular to the target and draw an arrow back along with your bow. Look down the sight on the pinnacle pin and shoot your arrow on the target. Repeat with a few extra arrows. 

Take note of in which the arrows hit accurately. Take note of in which the arrows hit accurately. If the arrows are going above where the pin was indicating you need to flow the sight box up on the bow. After that, you should repeat this step until the arrow is not shooting above the pinnacle pin.

 Then you should set up again to 20 yards. Repeat the sighting manner, raising the sight box if essential. Once the arrows aren’t hitting above the top pin, you could make adjustments for arrows going too far left or right by shifting the sight left and proper, respectively. 

Don’t worry about ideal accuracy, and keep checking. 

STEP 2: Set your 30 yards- 2nd pin

Once you are done with your 20 yard top pin suitably correct, you may flow lower back to the 30 backyard mark for your variety. Aim down the sight using the second pin and hearth off some arrows at the target. Start making the equal changes that you made while sighting in at 20 yards. Remember to transport the entire sight box whilst making changes at this stage. Take the time to make the 30 backyards as correct as viable, because it will no longer be converting. This might be the anchor of your sight.

STEP 3: Move again to forty yards- 3rd pin

Shoot arrows at the target while searching at your 40-yard pin within the sight. When you’re making your modifications this time, pass the pin itself as opposed to the entire sight container. You may not be shifting left and right with the sight field anymore. There is an alternative awareness on making the forty-yard arrow go too precisely in which the pin is pointing. The distance between the thirty and forty backyard pins may be extra than the gap between the 20 and 30-yard pins. 

If you want to readjust your left and right sight placement, return to the 30-yard marker at the variety and make your adjustments there.

STEP 4: Check your 20-yard shot once more

Once you have set the thirty-yard pin and made changes on your forty-yard pin, go lower back and shoot at 20 yards once more. This time, make modifications to the pin itself instead of the whole sight. This step is very important as you are going to adjust the pin perfectly.

STEP 5: Move returned and sight any extra pins

Depending on your site, you may have extra pins for fifty yards, 60 yards, and extra. Move lower back from the goal and repeat the preceding steps, shifting the pin to make adjustments.

 When you are done with the three pins adjustment, you are ready to target with your sight. Extra pins will give you more facilities, but the basic bows come with three-pin facilities.  

Single pin Sighting

First, determine on what distance of yardage you need to install your sight for. As you have seen that, you can start using setting it for 20-29 yards. Then stroll to that distance away from your target, by using a range finder. Now you are away from the target and ready to shoot. You can also use a range finder. Then aim immediately at the center of the target and shoot 3 of the same type of arrows.

It will determine your setting’s perfection. After setting, you are ready to shot with a single pin attachment.

How to Aim a Bow without Sights?

Those who can shoot on the target without the help of the sight, we call them instinctive archer. In that manner to become an instinctive archer, you need to practice a lot to shoot on the target.

There are two types of instinctive archery which are the popular ways to aim the target without sight. “Gap Shooting” is one of them. Some shooters shoot gap shooting which means they shoot between two other objects to their targets. The location of the target is calculated by the position of the target between two other objects.

Another type of instinctive archery is that- “See and Shoot”. In this shooting style, an archer shoots there target by the instant hit. They are good at shooting arrows without sights. An Instinctive archer can shoot by practicing for lots of time. 

So, if you are an expert in targeting the arrow in the correct position without a sight then you will be called an Instinctive Archer


 1. How to aim a recurve bow with sights?

– You need to attach the sight with your recurve bow by following the same procedure of attaching bow sight. 

2. How to aim a compound bow with a peep sight? 

– A compound bow is a different kind of bow by which you can target more accurately. To attach peep sight in your compound bow, you need to follow

  • First, mount the peed sight in your bow by pin attaching.
  • Then set up the three-pin for different distances.
  • Follow the above instruction carefully.

3. How to aim a compound bow without sights?

– To aim without sight with any bow, you need to be an instinctive archer, and you will need lots of practicing. 

4. How to Aim a Compound Bow without a Peep Sight?

– You need to attach the peep sight by screwing the pins. 

5. Will I find? Archery sights because of left-handed shooters?

– Yes. You will find sights for a left-handed shooter.

6. Is the T.F.O. Did pin suitable for my sight?

– It depends on your bow arrangement.

7. May I shoot the Pendulum Sight at the ground level?

– Yes, you can, and it might be locked. 

Additional Tips on How to Use a Bow Sight

You need to follow some additional tips before using a bow sight. 

  • The angle of attaching sight should be accurate as it is related to the target accuracy.
  • You should not tighten the screw of your bow so much because it may harm your bow.
  • To get a maximum room facility, you need to attach the pin perfectly.
  • You should use a range finder for practicing.

Final Note

Always try to find the best sight settings for your certain bow. The sight set means a lot in practicing shooting arrows. In that case, you need to practice more and more to get success. You need not do any harm to your bow while attaching the sight.

 A sight can help you to aim better and will give you perfection in aiming. So, buy the best sight for your bow and practice more and more. You will find your best sight for the bow from your nearest archery shop.  

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