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Local SEO | The Ultimate SEO Guide For Beginner

Why The Local SEO is Important for Local Business?

SEO means search engine optimization if I elaborate on it. You may know the elaboration. So, I am going to explain it to you in a very simple way and I will also discuss the local SEO and how you can do it.


There is about 200 ranking factor to rank in Google. SEO is one of the best ways to do so. After publishing content in your website you won’t see your content appears on the First page of the Google. Who doesn’t want to get more traffic? Google place the website on the first pages of their analytics and algorithm. Somehow if you can know that what people do search in Google and what are the keywords they use then you can simply put the keywords in your content. So, in a sentence, if I define SEO then I will say that it is a method of getting placed your website in Google’s First place by following Google’s algorithm. You can convert your visitors to your clients easily by doing SEO.


So, you are going to do SEO on your site. Isn’t it? If your services and site are built for a particular area/country then the SEO you are going to do is known as local SEO. For starting a new business locally you have to follow through some conditions and those will help you rank your business. Local SEO will be very beneficial for your new business.

First Attempt to Take

First, you have to choose your business and pay attention to some important facts. If you want to rank just like the screenshot below you have to follow the steps to establish your business.

As I am from a certain area this page is tracking my location and showing the result. There are lots of markets & shops in my area but Google showed at the top only a few of them. To get ranked by your business just like those you have to pay more attention to Local NAP citations, Reviews etc. I will discuss the terms.

STEP 1– Opening Google My Business Page

First of all, you have to claim an account from Google my business page. You can know more about how to open an account by searching it online. So, I am not going to tell all the details. But after that, you have to do some important job. They are-

  • Choose the appropriate business category.
  • Try to add a suitably long and unique description.
  • Upload high-quality photos and if possible try to upload videos.
  • Link your business page to your website.
  • Add opening and closing time and if you have any vacation try to add that too.
  • Try your best to get real customer reviews.


The most important thing to rank a business on Google page is NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). You have to be sure that you have put NAP throughout your whole website. Moreover, you have to ensure about the information details or format just remains the same in your website. At the footer of your website, you can add your details.

STEP 3– Getting Reviews Locally

For local business, local reviews are very beneficial. You have to work very carefully with time to get more and more reviews. You can also gather reviews from Yelp page. It belongs to Apple map. You have to apply some techniques. You can write an article about your services by doing SEO. People will get attracted to them. You can spread and share your content on social media to get more responses.

STEP 4– Local On-Page SEO

So, you have understood the importance of on-page SEO. To increase the values of your article always try to write a quality article. So, you have to just concentrate on your SEO.

Now, I am going to give some advice to you. Just follow the bullet points.

  • Write your content with the heading. Use H1 tag for your landing page to add City.
  • Always try to add your city/business place address and a relevant keyword in your page title.
  • Add your city to your website URL.
  • In the content, you should choose relevant keywords and add a city.
  • In Alt attributes you should add your city or business place.
  • Try to add your place on Google map.

 STEP 5– Link Building and Strategies

There are various ways to build links. Links are very beneficial to your site ranking. You can get a link from social media groups and from many other ways. Backlinking is very useful to link a website or local business.

-You can create a public data for getting more responses.

– You can run local events to inform more people about your services.

– You can sign up to press request services. By doing this you can get quoted.

– Different F&Q sites you can answer questions related to your business. That is how you can increase your business publicity.

– Research is a good thing to do.


However, you can rank your business.


Well, hope that you have gone through the whole content. If you want to start a new business locally you should follow the article. Local business is a great source to earn money. However, Local SEO is a great way to rank your site. People will get attracted when they will see your site in the top place. Try to produce the best quality article and follow all the factors of SEO. That is how you can locally rank on search engine.

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