website setup

Don’t you know how to customize your site and operate your dashboard setting along with Yoast SEO

Launch your website today:


Firstly, you can search an available domain name for your site. If you want to build a niche site then try to PMD (partial Match Domain). On the other hand, if you want to build Authority website you can choose a sweet and short name for your site.

Some issues you must not avoid for choosing domain;

  • You must stick TLD
  • For local stick with ccTLD
  • Buy a domain for several years.


  • Start with minimum spaces
  • configure with domain and hosting

Site setup:

  • Theme installation
  • plug-in installation
  • SSL installation

Here are some screenshot in site setup is given below;

Theme Installation for your website

Theme installation


Plugin installation is another important task for your WordPress website

plugin installation

After Plugin installation, you can install SSL to secure your website and it’s playing a big role in SEO.

SSL installation

After installing SSL you can make sure SSL checker.

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